Katriina Flensburg is a Swedish-Finnish textile artist based in Uppsala, Sweden. She gained her basic university degree in Human Resource Development and Education at Uppsala University and started her artist career after a few years stay in Berkeley, California where she was introduced in American tradition and practice of quilting. She expanded her skills and gained in-depth knowledge by studying various expressions of quilting including its past time and contemporary development. Back in Sweden Katriina continued her textile studies at Uppsala University, established her studio and started an educational business named “Quilt Academy of Sweden”.


With her teaching and lecturing and her contributions to the growing number of international exhibitions starting from late 1980s Katriina Flensburg was an early contributor to the revival of quilting and the development of the genre of “Art Quilt” in Europe and in Scandinavia. Her personal, ground breaking and freely experimental expression has established her in a position as Sweden´s internationally most renowned and exhibited artist within the field. Besides Scandinavia her work has been exhibited in Austria, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, USA and Japan. Katriina Flensburg has been frequently included in prestigious juried and invitational international exhibitions. She is represented in public and private collections and featured in numerous books, exhibition catalogues and field magazines in Europe and elsewhere.


Katriina lives in Sweden on the countryside north of the city of Uppsala . When not working in her studio in the attic of the old barn, she shares her life with her husband, a number of cats and an “untameable” garden...



Katriina Flensburg


     Textilkonst / Fiber Art


”Looking for Balance” 108 x 95 cm

Katriina Flensburg,  Handpainted cottons, piecing, machine quilting, hand stitching