Katriina Flensburg


  Textilkonst / Quilt Art / Fiber Art


Work lost by Textile Festivals/OEQC in Maastricht 2015

A flagship collection (10 larger pieces) of Katriina´s work was lost in late 2015 by an event organisation named  Textile Festivals/OECD in Maastricht, Holland, where she was invited to exhibit with her colleague Jette Clover, Belgium.


The company in response for the event ( ”A.D.A. BV” owned and run by Ms. Ada Honders, Netherlands ) admitted their mistake in written documentation but neglected to compensate the loss referring to a low cash flow and relying obviously on the fact that legal demands from Katriina would force her to run a costly  and timely prolongued legal process in the Netherlands, the country of the loss. Despite her requests Katriina is till today´s date not informed about any  legal action taken by the company for finding her work. See allt the work and read more at:



 ”LOST” -  a virtual exhibition

- including documentary reflections


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(Presented and run by the association of Nordic Textil Art / NTA October 2016 - February 2017)