Katriina Flensburg


  Textilkonst / Quilt Art / Fiber Art


Work lost by Textile Festivals/OEQC in Maastricht 2015

A collection of Katriina´s work, ten larger pieces, was lost in Maastricht, Netherlands, in November 2015 by an event organisation named Textile Festivals/OECD run by Ms. Ada Honders. The invitational exhibition was a collaboration between Katriina and her colleague Jette Clover, Belgium.


The company in response A.D.A. BV admitted their mistake in written documentation but neglected to compensate the loss referring to a low cash flow and relying on the fact that legal demands from Katriina would force her to run a costly and timely prolonged legal process in the Netherlands, the country of the loss.

Despite repeated requests Katriina is not informed about any legal action taken by the company for finding her work.  A.D.A. BV went out of business in early 2017.

Ms. Honders continues her seemingly careless business engagement in previous address promoting products under a new business name.



 ”Lost” -  a virtual exhibition


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(Introduced by the association of Nordic Textil Art / NTA in October 2016)






Lost work # 3 of 10 :                 

”Swedish Red / Red Earth”                  

155 x 150 cm

Katriina Flensburg 2015

Handpainted cottons, free-

motion machine quilting