Katriina Flensburg


  Textilkonst / Quilt Art / Fiber Art


Work lost by Textile Festivals/OEQC in Maastricht 2015

A flagship collection of Katriina´s work (ten larger pieces) was lost in November 2015 by an event organisation named  Textile Festivals/OECD in Maastricht, Holland, where she was invited to exhibit with her colleague Jette Clover, Belgium.


The company in response for the event named A.D.A. BV (owned and run by Ms. Ada Honders) admitted their mistake in written documentation but neglected to compensate the loss refering to a low cash flow and oviously relying on the fact that legal demands from Katriina would force her to run a costly  and timely prolongued legal process in the Netherlands, the country of the loss. Despite her requests Katriina is till today´s date not informed about any legal action taken by the company for finding her work. See the lost pieces and read more at:



 ”Lost” -  a virtual exhibition


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